5ST students are working collaboratively with students from the Good Shepherd Catholic School in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and  Jubilee Elementary School, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The project is the “Monster Exchange Project”.

Here are some of our monsters that we are exchanging.

See if you can work out which of the above monsters this description fits.

  1. Draw a bell starting from the middle.
  2. Draw an oval at the bottom of the bell horizontally.
  3. Draw 9 teeth in the oval top and bottom.
  4. Draw a nose and a moustache under it.
  5. Draw an eye on the left of the nose.
  6. On top of the eye draw an eyebrow.
  7. On top of the head draw 2 ears and a hat.
  8. Draw two feathers on the right side of the hat.
  9. Where there is no eye draw a stitched eye.
  10. Under the head draw the top of a cup.
  11. Do a diamond necklace around his neck.
  12. At the ending of the cup do six octopus tentacles and colour the body and head in the colour
  13. Colour the mouth red but don’t forget to leave the teeth white.
  14. On the eye ball do veins red
  15. Colour the stitched eye brown

(Post a comment if you can work it out)


Monster Exchange began in 1995 when John Thompson, a dedicated parent of a Brunner Elementary student in New Jersey, joined with Brian Maguire, a former third grade teacher, to create and participate in an educational project for the Kindergarten-8th grade level.

Monster Exchange is designed to encourage the development of reading and writing skills while integrating Internet technology into the classroom curriculum. Classrooms from a variety of schools worldwide are paired together; the students in each classroom are split into groups, each of which designs an original picture of a monster. The students must then write a description of the monster. The partnered classes then exchange their descriptions via e-mail and the Internet. These students are then challenged to use reading comprehension skills to read the descriptions and translate them into a monster picture. The true challenge involves creating a redrawn picture as close to the original picture as possible without looking at the original and using only the written description of the monster.

The written descriptions, original monster pictures, and redrawn monster pictures are scanned and uploaded to the Internet using the browser-based Monster Gallery Builder. The Monster Gallery Builder is entirely form-based and does not require the teacher or student to know any HTML code.

The Monster Galleries are then published, and feedback is provided via e-mail.



  1. Hi Mrs Michalke and Mrs Thompson,
    I think monster 3 fits the description the most, I’m hoping I get it right!

  2. hi Mrs Michalke,
    the description on the blog matches picture 3. it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I really enjoyed drawing the monsters and reading the description.

    From one of your students, Grace.

  3. To Mrs M and Mrs T,
    I enjoy drawing and painting our monster. I also enjoy exchanging our monster. I hope we do something like this again.

  4. Hey Mrs Michalke and Mrs Thompson,

    I think that the instructions match monster number 3 I hope that I am write

    Jessica 5T

  5. Hi Mrs Michalke Thompson!

    I would like to say that the description fits Monster number 3.
    I hope I’m right!

    See you at school! -NIKITA

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