We discovered Maths is FUN!

Oh Wow, in our first week we had so much fun, who would have thought it could be Maths!

How far can your paper plane fly?

How far can your paper plane fly?






15 thoughts on “We discovered Maths is FUN!

  1. Good job Steve and Joel that story about people in your family that miagrated to Australia is amazing.

  2. We miss you all sooooo much too but pop in and say hello we are just up the corridor!

  3. Hi Mrs Michalke and Mrs Thompson,

    I miss both of you sooooooooo much. Hope you have fun with your new classes.

    From Alina 🙂

  4. Hi Daniel it is so nice that you left us a message on our blog. We are all looking forward to receiving your letters so we can write back and begin a new friendship. Say hello to all of your class from us here in Australia.

  5. my school is camelford school and your our new pen pals i like all of your mosters

  6. Hi Mrs Michalke and Mrs Thompson,
    You are very funny and pretty teachers. Thank you for rewarding me with dojo points. You are very kind-hearted teachers.

    From, Nikita LOL 🙂

  7. Hi Mrs Michalke
    your jokes are the BEST. I can’t wait to do our passion projects!!!!

    ps. your the best teacher in the world!!!

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