A big congratulations to Zac and Giuliana for writing this weeks script and presenting our news report.  Well done to Eleanor and Candice for their Camera Work & Editing.  Great job team.  What a busy but successful week we have had in 5ST.  Well done to all our wonderful students.

#4 5ST NEWS REPORT from Shelly Michalke on Vimeo.

5ST Amazing Maths Race

Eight strong and determined teams, locked in fierce battle, striving to be crowned the 5ST Amazing Maths Race champions.  That was, until the power went out.
One of the team challenges required teams to make several Polygon shapes using only their team members bodies.
See below some of the photos from our very first 5ST Amazing Maths Race.

SAM_1676 SAM_1674 SAM_1671 SAM_1670

SAM_0977 SAM_0981SAM_0887 SAM_0889 SAM_0893SAM_1666 SAM_1667 SAM_1675 SAM_1676 SAM_1677 SAM_1679 SAM_1680 SAM_1681

Painting Our Prayer Cloth

We painted images on our own prayer square and wrote a prayer over the top.  These squares will be sewn together to make our classroom prayer cloth that will be used every day during prayer time.

Great start 5ST!