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Well done to student’s who entered a poem into the ABC Splash Haiku Competition.

Remember it is not about winning or the prizes it is about participating and sharing your wonderful ideas.

If you would like to have a look at the competition entries please click on this link.



    1. Complete the Before, During and After reading graphic organiser throughout this task.

    2. Click on this link to read “Why Positive Affirmations are Important for Children”

    3. Click on the link to read some “Daily Affirmations”

    4. Fill out your favourite Affirmation on the Padlet below.

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Remember after you have read the text, use the five finger retell to make sure you understand what you have just read.  If you do not understand, back up and reread!




71 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. I liked doing stamina reading because it helps our mind to think and use new words in writing pieces
    WWW: Everyone loves doing it because it’s their good fit book
    EBI: If we got to do it lately

  2. Hi,
    This week in Literacy I enjoyed revising and editing my Sizzling Start and Backfill of my Narrative. We have discussed about how exciting our Narrative should be. we used a chart that shows from the Sizzling Start to the climax/resolution. we have two problems in our story one being the pebble that will lead to the problem which will lead to the end of the Narrative.

  3. i like how we got to get to actually start forming our story not just having a sizzling starter . i also like how we got to read and give advice t each other to improve or maybe to chance something.

  4. I really like how we do one step of the Narrative at a time and that we are all doing the same thing at the same time. I like how we talk about the step before doing it so we rember what we are supposed to do. I hope we do all of our writing like this. It would be even better if there was no bad internet connection and we could do it with out stopping.

  5. i have enjoyed doing stamina reading because it helps me get better at reading
    WWW: was that every one new what to do and that everyone dose not get out of there seat when they are reading and that they are focest on the book.
    EBI: every one gets there books quicker then we sometimes don’t get as much time to read

  6. What i liked about this week was that we worked on our narratives. Also i am happy about is that i learnt what a back fill was so thanks for another awesome week.

  7. WWW

    I think that the noise lvl went well so that meant people would not get to detracted and that meant that they/my self would get more work done and get time to start to edit and revise.


    Their was something else do after you finish your back fill instead of revising and editing

  8. Hi Mr Talarico
    Something that worked well in literacy was narrative writing because everyone is starting to learn how to write a proper back fill and sizzling start. It would be even better if every one was focusing on there books for stamina reading

  9. To Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico,
    I have been enjoying the Literacy tasks (especially when there on the laptops). My favourite thing I loved this week was doing our Sizzling Starts and Backfills. During the week I have completed my Sizzling Start and I love it. I love using the REVISE and EDIT strategy because it makes your work interesting and it pulls the reader to keep reading. I love literacy.
    Regards Alessia.N

  10. Hello everyone who is reading my comment!
    In literacy this week, I had fun writing our backfills for our narrative.
    WWW: Was that instead of writing all the narrative at once, we have sessions to focus on 1 specific thing.

    EBI: If we could have partners to give feedback and also edit our story encase we have missed grammar or punctuation.
    Thank you 🙂

  11. Hi,
    Literacy is my favorite subject because so many other subjects such as {writing, reading and spelling} fall under the ‘Literacy’ subject.
    WWW: what works well is that we all enjoy the tasks set and it’s easy for us to see whats going on during the day because there is a time table set up for us.
    EBI: even better if there were longer sessions.
    From Oscar

  12. I think for literacy we worked really well. We completed all our work and we did our best. I think our dictation went really good so GOOD JOB to everyone. Things would be better if we were more organised and ready when we have to do our learning intention.

  13. Hi Mrs Michalkie and Malarico,
    It has been a very fun week for me doing all of our narrative plannng. What worked well about our narrative planning is that we do it in sections like sizling start, backfill and so on.It is better htan what I have done in previous years beacuse we had a simple plan where as now we have a whole lesson to write it up and make it a whole lot better. It would have been even better if we were able to hare it with the class instead of just a partner so that we got multiple bits of feedback and suggestions.
    Thankyou, Julia N 5S

  14. This week in our literacy I am happy with my sizzling starter and backfill because it means that I have put a lot of effort into it. I really look forward to actually finishing the story and making it to the best of my ability.

    WWW: Was that everyone didn’t need to ask questions they just did their work.

    EBI: People weren’t talking a lot so some people got their work finished quicker otherwise we did well.

  15. This week I enjoyed writing my sizzling start and back fill I look forward to finishing the story.

    What worked well in literacy was how quiet we were I hope we can keep this up until the end of the year.

    I don’t think there were any problems this week and it was quite peaceful.:)

  16. Hi Mrs M!!
    I loved doing the sizzling starts because i think it has helped me more in my writing.
    WWW: i think what worked well was that we are all up to where we are suppose to be in the Narrative planner.
    EBI: Even better if i could try not to introduce the first problem straight away because i think today i had some trouble with that.
    From Emma

  17. This week what I loved about maths was how quiet we were when Mr Talarico was talking. I think we are doing a great job when getting into our routine transitioning from 1 classroom to the other. This week I learnt what are nets thanks to mathletics. I can’t wait to start our monster city. 🙂

  18. Hello 5ST!!
    This week we did our sizzling starts. I think that the stories were really good some were funny and others were very interesting. Maybe we could do a art lesson for drawing our characters that would be really fun!!
    From Angela 5S

  19. Today 5ST were working on our back fills for our narrative planning.

    WWW: Everyone loved doing it because it was fun and because we had to go to others to read their sizzling start and back fill

    EBI: People were a little bit quieter because it go to loud and kids couldn’t listen to other peoples sizzling start and back fill

  20. I love stamina reading it is so much fun now for my thoughts

    WWW: Was that everyone knows what to do straight away and the we get more time to read because we get faster every time we do it

    EBI: We got to do it more often because we haven’t gotten to do it in ages.

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