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Well done to student’s who entered a poem into the ABC Splash Haiku Competition.

Remember it is not about winning or the prizes it is about participating and sharing your wonderful ideas.

If you would like to have a look at the competition entries please click on this link.



    1. Complete the Before, During and After reading graphic organiser throughout this task.

    2. Click on this link to read “Why Positive Affirmations are Important for Children”

    3. Click on the link to read some “Daily Affirmations”

    4. Fill out your favourite Affirmation on the Padlet below.

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Remember after you have read the text, use the five finger retell to make sure you understand what you have just read. Β If you do not understand, back up and reread!




71 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. Dear Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico,

    WWW (What Worked Well)
    We worked well in the narrative task, (even though we are still doing it). I have enjoyed listening to the stories some of my class mates have made (like Gabbie).

    EBI (Even Better If)
    It would be even better if we could get EASY homework projects, Like for example doing a powerpoint, or a family tree.

    Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

    – Angelina

  2. Hi Mrs Michalke, Mr Talarico and 5ST,

    WWW: What worked well for me in literacy was the cafe reading strategies that we have used and are using now.

    EBI: It would be even better if we could have more time doing our stamina reading like 15-20 minutes.

  3. WWW:I really liked the way we have got an extra book to read so we do not waste our our stamina reading.I also like when we do dictations every week.
    EBI: I would also like yo learn more strategies to read better.

  4. My favourite part of this week was going to the library and doing stamina reading. It would be better if we had more time at the library because we can do longer stamina reading.

  5. Hi 5ST,
    I really enjoyed stamina reading this week because we all worked super. I think everyone had a good fit text with them and that they enjoy it.
    WWW: we all read amazingly well in class and no one got distracted.
    EBI: I think we could start using more strategies besides the people who are. We could also move quicker into different rooms when packing the book away! πŸ˜€

  6. I think during the week both classes worked really well and hard. I think most people completed their work. It was a very good week. It would be better if we limited distractions and had a bit more time to finish the work.

  7. Hello 5ST teachers and students,

    I am here to tell you all what worked well in today’s literacy task and what would be even better.
    WWW: Planning our narratives properly and going into deeper detail works well for me because I can properly understand how we have to plan and also how to set it all out whether we are doing the planning in our literacy book or even on our laptops.
    EBI: I think sharing our work more to the class about what we have done in that lesson would be better so we can share what we are proud of. I also think it would be even better if we have a routine that we reflect on our literacy work even more than what we have been doing lately because it can calm me down when I have maybe had some trouble in that session.
    Thanks for listening,
    Isabella πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Mr Talarico, Mrs Mickalke and the 5ST students,
    Things that work well during our Literacy activity’s are that we have slowed down the literacy routine so that we are not that rushed. Things would be even better if we moved in and out of classes quicker so that we can start our work on time.

  9. I like he way we use stamina reading to get better at reading.I like the way we have the CAFE starageties on the wall to help us read better.

    I would like to use more strageties to get even better at reading.

  10. during literacy i have enjoyed learning new CAFE strategies. The brain pocket strategy helps me a lot with my reading during stamina reading. It helps me think more and to improve my writing when i write narratives as well. So thankyou Mr Talarico and Mrs Michalke for this very interesting, and new strategy!!!!!!!
    – Hailey

  11. Hello 5ST Oscar here,
    WWW: I think in literacy we all work quietly and cooperatively together and we enjoy the task that are set.
    EBI: 5ST merge for classes. We could then show the other grade 5’s how well 5ST are at getting along together.

  12. Hi Mr Talarico,
    What Worked Well in Literacy was stamina reading because it is quiet while we are reading. It would be Even Better If we put the noise down in the classroom

  13. Hi,
    I have really enjoyed working on sizzling starts. I really liked the Brain Pocket idea where we had to chose a Brain Pocket of our choice and wright a sizzling start. I also enjoyed writing and completing the Narrative Planing Slide. I liked how we did it step by step and got to wright a sizzling start.

  14. I love to do literacy in 5st and everyday we do amazing thing like cafe and lots more and we do literacy everyday but not on Wednesday and do work and that are just right for me and do reading for ten mins.

  15. Hi Mrs M
    I really enjoyed learning the CAFE strategies because they have now helped me with my reading and i know some of the strategies already and some of them are new that help me! Thanks!
    From Emma

  16. I really like literacy because you can learn lotsn of statrgies like the CAFE strategie. This is what it means. C – COMPREHESION


  17. Hi to my teachers Mr Talarico and Mrs Michalke,
    I would like to say that I have enjoyed literacy this week learning about the C.A.F.E strategy which helps me when i am reading. The C.A.F.E strategy is C (Comprehension), A (Accuracy), F (Fluency) and E (Expanding Vocabulary). I am looking forward to learning more strategies in the future

    Alessia.N 5T πŸ™‚

  18. What worked well this week in literacy was our sizzling starter because I enjoyed how we became better and had lots of description in our work. It would be even better if people wouldn’t talk so much so people could get their work done.

  19. Wow! What a week we practiced our CAFE strategies and had some time to perfect our stamina reading.Thanks Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico you’ve been a great help in reading. After reading most of these comments I found out that you really helped us improve in so many ways. I think we’re having a great week so far I hope next week we can be more creative and productive like this week.
    -Gabby :):)

  20. I really like the CAFE strategies and they are helping me a lot! They are helping me much better than strategies I used before learnt these ones. I really like the expanded vocabulary sheet,it is a really good way to rember words we want to use in our writing. Thanks.

  21. Hi everyone from 5 ST! I love literacy because i am learning new stuff everyday! Maybe we could make our own games about literacy in the future. from Angela 5S

  22. Hi Mrs Michalke, Mr Talarico and the rest of the 5ST students,
    I’m going to be telling you about our Mondays literacy session.
    I think what worked well was that you had the slides already planned out for us. We new what were doing as the slide had information on it and was easy to read off then write a sizzling starter for our narratives.

  23. Dear Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico

    I have been enjoying literacy, working in teams to make up stories about a 3 legged dog , that cant bark. I have also been enjoying stamina reading, i am reading the book Wonder, by R.J Palacio.
    When i am reading i use a lot of commas in my sentences.
    I t would be even better if we did letters to the PM πŸ™‚

    – Angelina

  24. To my teachers Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico
    When i read I no longer ever have any reading strugles with the fantastic CAFE stratagies. They help me alot when I am reading and I get stuck on a word or I don’t understand something in my reading. Thankyou so much for teaching me these stratagies They really help me.
    Julia 5S

  25. Hello 5ST and teachers,

    I will be telling you what worked well in Monday’s literacy task and what would be even better.
    WWW: I think that starting a narrative from scratch instead of rushing and starting the narrative from a draft first because we can actually think.
    EBI: I think we should have had a bit more time to think about what we wanted to plan instead of having a short amount of time to do it because I was put under a bit of pressure when we had to think of titles for our story.
    That’s all from me,
    Isabella πŸ™‚

  26. Hello 5ST!
    I enjoyed doing the sizzling start on Monday. I think that the part that worked well was the Google slide(s) being organised and each slide had a different topic for us to write about. I think that if we had more time to revise and edit our sizzling start, it would be even better.
    Thank you,

  27. To Mrs Michalke, Mr Talarico and 5ST students

    I love that I have learnt about the C.A.F.E strategy because I used to just read a amount of text but now I stop and think about what I read and make sure that I know what I am reading. I am to go and choose a different book that is just right for me using the 5 finger test.
    – Cadence

  28. Hello 5ST,

    I think we can all agree on that literacy is Awesome and that we all love it. I think it is my fave topic in Grade 5 because it is not to hard and not to easy and if it is hard it is a really fun activity. πŸ™‚ :0 :O :^ ) πŸ˜• :$

    – Zachary

  29. Hi Mrs Michlalke, Mr Talarico and 5ST,

    I love doing the C.A.F.E reading strategies because it helps me when I am reading because I can just use that strategy to help me when I am stuck on a word or when I do not understand a part in the text.


  30. I love literacy! It is very fun and enjoyable! I love how we always get to do lots of art and creative activities to learn. It’s so entertaining and joyful! Thank-you Mrs M and Mrs T!

    Cherry! πŸ™‚

  31. I love how you make literacy fun!

    I love doing cre8tive things, in the class

    From Monica <3

  32. hello,
    I think that the monster description belongs to monster 3 and who ever drew it ” it’s cool”

  33. the freak clip was so sad I know how it feels if I was in his shoes it is the worst. I always watch it at home

  34. The freak was so sad. It made me cry a little bit. I wonder what happens next because it ended with the boy wishing for wood. In class we should make our own ending.

  35. I thought the freak was moving. I feel sorry for the boy. I felt even sorrier for the boy when he said his dad didn’t understand him.


  36. The Little Freak movie is so moving and sad! I feel really sorry for him but am also glad Mrs. Michalke and Mrs. Thompson put it on, so now I feel lucky about who I am!:)

  37. Hi Mrs M and Mrs T,
    I was so excited when we started using our laptops for literacy just to wright something we could have in our books. I love you as my teachers but I love Mrs T a bit better.

    Bye From Olivia Grossi

  38. Hi Mrs Michalke and Mrs Thompson. I just want to say that you guys are the best teachers I will ever know and that when I leave to go to year 6 I will be sad because I will miss both of you!!!

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