All weekly home learning is to be submitted via google classroom before 8:00pm Sunday evening.


20 minutes reading per night, following your reading you must fill in your reading ‘Term 2 e-journal’  on Google Slides (in your home learning folder)  .  You must make  an insightful comment about what you have read each evening including pages read and how long you read for. Avoid re-telling the story in your reflection. You can provide a brief summary of what you read, however consider including your thoughts/feelings about the book/text/plot/characters; how the text might relate you you; the world; another text you’ve read. Perhaps make a prediction or some other insightful comment from what you read.

If you are reading late at night in bed you could write your reflections on a post it note and transfer them to your E-Journal the following day.

Your teachers are able to log into your online reading journal on Google Drive at any time and should be able to see daily updates.  

Your online e-reading journal should be turned in weekly on Google Classroom.

After 5 nights reading you are required to ask your parents to leave a comment regarding your weeks reading.  This needs to be completed at the bottom of each of your weekly slides and is a homework requirement.  


Eachs week you will be set 3 new tasks. You are also asked to spend some time gaining a minimum of 500 points on Live Mathletics as part of your maths homework task.  

When you have completed your Live Mathletics  take a screenshot and paste it into your weekly  ‘Home Learning Journal’. You are also to compllete a reflection which is to be turned in on Google Classroom.

You are also required to keep up to date with learning times tables. We have done a huge amount of learning during semester 1 with timestables – and it is your responsibility to keep practicing at home.  Below are some websites you can use to practice your tables.  Remember any times tables work you do needs to be added to your learning journal slide.



Any homework task that is not complete will have to be completed during your lunch time.

Additional tasks – Usually for your Australian History timeline.

Check google classroom for any additional tasks that need to be completed for home learning.

 If you have any problems with any part of your homework please email one of us well before the due date.  We are happy to help.

Mrs Michalke   cmichalke@sfmillpark.catholic.edu.au

Mr Talarico      atalarico@sfmillpark.catholic.edu.au

370 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Dear Mrs Michalke, i don’t get my percentage tasks on mathletics, so I cant go on live mathletics either

  2. Yes Alex, you have new Mathletics tasks set, your home reading and you should, after this week have 2 weeks of Social Justice research completed.

  3. I love the Social Justice research it is soooooooooooo much fun

  4. Dear Mrs Michalke,
    Is homework the same as last week because it currently shows the same homework. Thank you

  5. Zac you had 7 days to do your social justice research and other homework. The aim is for you to develop time management skills before you enter secondary school. If you do a little every night you will not have any trouble getting your work done without sitting up at night. Mrs Michalke

  6. i stayed up till 10:30 doing my research on social justice and my other home work requirements. can we prob do a little less home work?

  7. Hi Amelia,
    We love parent helpers so if Mum would like to help we can work around what suits. So the answer YES PLEASE! just ask Mum to pop in and see Mr T or myself whenever it suits. x

  8. What wonderful manners Damian! You need to take a screen shot of your live maths points. Your reflection could include something like how you find this? Is it helping or not? Any suggestions for future maths home learning tasks? It only needs to be a sentence or two at the most. Hope this helps. Mrs Michalke

  9. Dera Mrs Michalke
    Can I please ask what we should write for a reflection for our mathletics on our Home Learning slide

  10. Me too Amelia, we have been working so hard in the classroom. Looking forward to the long weekend. Mrs Michalke

  11. We are doing all the research at home Angelina. You do not have to make a poster as a presentation, you may present your research any way you like. Mrs Michalke

  12. Dear Mrs Michalke,

    Can we do our ANZAC poster at school or does it have to be completed at home?


  13. Hi Amelia
    We will not be using our home learning folder this week as we are trying to finish our Easter Tridium slide this week so that is our extra little bit of home learning this week.
    Good question. Mrs Michalke

  14. Hi Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico,

    What are we doing in our Home Learning folder this week. You can tell me this in your own time.

    -Thanks Amelia

  15. Yes we sure do, want to get straight back into it Ajay. I have put the new homework tasks up tonight and we also went through the home learning journal and the Term 2 E Reading journal in class today. Any more questions please feel free to ask.
    Mrs Michalke

  16. 3D Net City
    I could research very well and defined every word that I had to in task 1 without copying the same words from google which means I didn’t do plagiarism. My answers had a lot of information and detail. I could use my time wisely and could probably finish my work in the time frame given. In task 2 I used creative commons to get every picture and shape net which means I didn’t do copy write. I was able to write how many faces, vertices and edges were in each shape.
    I think I couldn’t have done or improved any better except talking to my friends and getting distracted by them.

  17. Narrative
    I was able to put some descriptive and interesting words in my narrative which made it way better than when I didn’t put interesting words. I finished my sizzling starter, back fill and first problem.
    I had a team that could brainstorm some ideas for my story because I need more interesting problems or complications. My sizzling starter could capture the reader in between 30-60 seconds. I could add more description and really good problems that can hook the reader in.

  18. hi Mr T & Mrs M,
    WWW during maths was the 3-D shape investigation which was fun but really hard for me and my partner because we had a hard challenge to do but it would be ebi it was all online and we didn’t need to paste all the pieces together. WWW in literacy was the back fill and sizzling starts which was fun but it would be ebi we done more.
    Thanks for reading

  19. Task Time
    I think that task time is useful because we get to finish our work which makes us more organized so we don’t need to finish it at home. Basically everyone finished their work and that makes me feel like we can use our time wisely and effectively.
    Later in the year when we are doing more things we can get more time so we can finish our work be satisfied and relax. If every single one of us in 5ST finish their work that allows us to have so much more fun

  20. This is something we would need to discuss in class Ajay not really on the blog. However in short you will not get to 5 weeks in a row without us calling your parents after week 2. Hope that helps.

  21. It is not actually a blog you are speaking to Zac it is your teachers Mr Talarico and Mrs Michalke. We will have to organise with our Buddies teacher when we meet them again, it all depends on timetables. Mrs Michalke

  22. I am not sure of the reason classroom teachers do not set up your Mathletics Accounts we are just asked to pass on the new username and passwords over to you. Sorry I can now answer this question Ajay. Mrs Michalke

  23. Dear Mrs Michalke,
    For the reading homework are we allowed to read the same book twice in one week and read the same book again a day after so example:
    Monday: The chocolate war
    Tuesday: The chocolate war
    Thank you
    Tell me in your free time

  24. Dear Mrs T,
    Thankyou for making me Grace and Nikita feel comfortable in sitting in your classroom.

    From Brooke! 🙂

  25. Cherry
    This is because you have already completed all the tasks I have set the other students so you have free time 🙂

  26. Dear Mrs M,
    I’m sorry to interrupt your afternoon,but I have just checked my Mathletics, and I have no tasks set yet. When you have the time, could you set me my tasks please?
    Thank you so much,

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