Click on the link to complete some measurement activities.


Click on the scale reader to complete the weight activity







Thursday 17th November (Volume)
Online Volume games CLICK HERE
Study Ladder Volume Quiz CLICK HERE

Monday 14th November
Website #1 CLICK HERE

Website #2  CLICK HERE

Pairs worksheet for ‘Mass of Animals’

Early Finishers online game : CLICK HERE


Example of drawing link –

Online Measurement games


Online challenging BUDGETING Games

Coffee Shop (Can you beat Mr T’s total of $579.50 ??)
How much money can you make in 14 days ?  Can you produce coffee that your customers will love and want to buy more?  But be careful – you need to budget your days money so that you can purchase enough cups or sugar or coffee for the next day.
Don’t forget to check the weather for the next day too. This will affect your sales. Is it cold or hot ?



Money Metropolismoney-metropolis
Choose what you would like to save for and then go out and earn some money.
But you’ll need to budget. You can’t rake those leaves without a rake – so you’ll need to go to the store to buy a rake.
Is it worth buying a rake or do you spend you money on something else that will make you more money ?


Financial Soccer (Loads slowly)
Pass, dribble and shoot your way to victory by correctly answering
The questions aren’t too easy …. so you’ll need to put your thinking caps on.


Lemonade Stand

Make as much money as you can in 7,14 or 21 days by selling lemonade at your lemonade stand


How good are you with money ? Test yourself with this quick and challenging online game.
Too easy? Try a harder level. CLICK HERE

Can you quickly add money before the timer runs out. Test your speed with this game.


Click HERE for Perimeter game

Click HERE to download the open ended problem work sheet
All answers to these questions are to be written in your Maths book





Tuesday, June 14th
CLICK HERE to access the website.
Once logged into the website, under the ‘FACTORS AND MULTIPLIES’ section, complete each of the following:

“PLAY”  and   “READ”   and   “QUIZ”
Once complete:

  1. Complete your Alessiano & Lorrisette #3 worksheet CLICK HERE” Alessiano’s dream”
  2. Try some of the online games that were posted under “Term 2 Week #7 & #8”


Term 2 Week #7 & #8

CLICK HERE for a factor game.

CLICK HERE for PowerLines – a logical thinking Maths game.
Can you gain access or will you be denied ?
Mr T record = Level 4.

CLICK HERE for some Multiplication activities and games

Term 2 Week #1, #2 & #3

Click here for FACE-OFF
Click here for RACE-ON
Partner games as used in class.

CLICK HERE to access some fantastic addition and subtraction games.
The beauty with these games it that you can choose which level you want to play.
Choose the calculation tabs and then select either addition or subtraction.
Go ahead and challenge yourself.

CLICK HERE for some challenging addition and subtraction Maths games.

CLICK HERE for PowerLines – a logical thinking Maths game.
Can you gain access or will you be denied ?  Mr T record = Level 4.




T1 – WEEK #8

This week you will find all of the Maths tasks in your GDrive Maths folder.
We will be focusing on 3D shapes.
Time to build a 3D city for our ‘Shape Monsters’ !

Shapes website to assist with your Maths worksheet
Quadrilaterals : CLICK HERE

Triangles : CLICK HERE

VIDEOS & Worksheets

Polygon Song CLICK HERE

Triangle shapes Video  CLICK HERE

Polygon Worksheet CLICK HERE

Triangle online activities:

#A : What score can you achieve?  Can you do it with no misses ? CLICK HERE

#B : Can you classify triangles by their angles ?  CLICK HERE

Shape Monster Project CLICK HERE


The 5ST Amazing Maths Race   04 / 03 / 2016  CLICK HERE

Polygon Worksheet 03 / 03 / 2016   CLICK HERE  (Polygons)

Once the Polygon worksheet has been completed in your Maths book, you can try the below ‘Shape’ activities.

Shape online activities:

#A : Match names with Shapes (Are you able to match them all?)  CLICK HERE

#B : Polygon or not a Polygon? (How many can you get correct in one and a half minutes)   CLICK HERE

#C : 2D Shape Memory (What is the lowest amount of click you can use to finish the game?) CLICK HERE

#D : 2D Shape Jeopody (What is the most amount of points you can end the game with?)  CLICK HERE




Our first few weeks during Term 1 2016, we have been learning all things associated with Place Value.
One of our Maths friends that visits us regularly during our Maths block is this guy ……

Faceless video man pic

He has provided with with several video’s that have helped us learn about Place Value.
He has also given us some catchy tunes that even have the students singing along!
Here are some of the clips that the Faceless video man has brought into the 5ST Maths class.

Place Value Parody #1

Place Value Parody #2

Place Value Parody #3

Rounding Rap



85 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Hi Mr Talarico,
    In maths What Worked Well for me was all the work we have done. I think we are mostly up to stranded and we have a pretty good route-en.

  2. Hi Mr Talarico,
    What Worked Well in maths was when made our shape monster it was very fun Veronica helped me make it. His name was bolygon. Even Better If people wouldn’t give other three of the same equation on times tables test.

  3. my favorite task this week was doing he shape monster that was so fun it worked well when I started to think what I was thinking about want I was going to make I made a robot. It would be better if we had more time to do it.

  4. Hi,
    I have enjoyed maths these past few weeks. We have already learnt about Place Value and have started learning about shapes. In Place Value we learnt about expanded notation and different forms to wright a number like (standard form, expanded form, written form) We have also been learning about 2D (2 dimensional) shapes. We have learnt all about polygons and how many angles, sides and vertices they have. A polygon is a shape that has closed lines, straight lines and is 2D (2 dimensional). We also made a Shape Monster that is made out of polygons.

  5. What work well that we all make our own polygon monster i so waiting to make my monster i got some help from Zac and i name my monster Zing knight but Zing for short. I was do my best to make him and i did all the steps. Even better that we should make a big city in 5st and put all monster on it and call the polygon city or different name and we put all our names in each side in small hand writing and make our class more awesome.

  6. Hi Mr T!
    I loved doing the shape monster and learning all about polygons. I think that doing the description for our shape monster really helped me to identify the polygons i used to make my shape monster. Thanks!
    From Emma

  7. Math is really fun and you learn a lot. But sometimes I get stuck on equations and I cant seem to find the answer. but other than that math is fun in class. The activity I liked most was the amazing math race. I wasn’t there for half of it but it was still really fun.


  8. To my teachers Mr Talarico and Mrs Michalke
    I have enjoyed maths because we are learning about shapes that i have never heard of before so that means it is something new to me. My favourite part about maths was the The Maths Amazing Race because we got to cooperate with each other, everyone had a job and no one was left out. I had fun and so did my group i think we should have more races like this.

    Alessia.N 5T

  9. What worked well this week in maths was that we all were behaving and got our work done so we didn’t need to do it in task time. It would be even better if we hadn’t asked so many question and just listened to each other or the person who is talking. Over all we worked well and behaved when we needed to.

  10. I really liked creating a shape monster it was really fun! I like how you put the instructions on CR8ATIVE LEARNERS so you did not have tell us all at once! It would be even better if we did not have internet problems,then again there is nothing we can do about that. I hope we have more fun stuff in maths this year!

  11. What worked well in the 5ST Amazing Race was:
    1. We got to cooperate with other students on our table.
    2. Everyone was helping each other by forming a shape for someone to take a photo of.
    3. Everyone had a job to do so everyone didn’t argue.
    4. We didn’t complain about the shape.
    5. We all listened to each other’s ideas.
    Even Better if:
    1. We had a lot of time.
    2. There were a lot of bonus point activities.
    3. We had more space to form shapes.
    4. It was really calm in the room.
    5. Everyone had their own room.
    Alex B

  12. Hi Mrs Michalke, Mr Talarico and the rest of the 5ST students,
    I am going to be telling you about our shape monster project we did over wednesday and tuesday! I think what worked well was I was listening in class when we were learning about polygons so it was easy to remember what each polygon was! Even better if I got to type more in my description!

  13. Dear Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico

    I have been happy in maths because it has been helping me a lot.
    I have achieved the goal of doing my 6x tables and 7x tables. I have learnt a lot of new shapes, like decagon, nonagon and heptagon. i also have learnt a new kind of shape, Polygons. Also i have enjoyed maths! 🙂

    – Angelina

  14. Dear Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico

    Today we worked on our shape monsters. What worked well was that we got to use our knowledge on shapes to create and define our amazing monsters. I wish that we could maybe write a story about our monster.

    Kind Regards, Elias

  15. I have enjoyed literacy because we have been learning about the strategies of CAFE! I also enjoyed writing my own narrative.

  16. I loved Maths because we got to learn about parallels. I also got to achieve my best time for my 7 times tables.

  17. To my teachers Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico
    Today in maths we did a task about triangles and quadrilaterals What worked well about this task was that we had a partner to share our thoughts with and if our partners needed to ask a question we were there. It would have been even better if we could have played a game at the end of the session about triangles and quadrilaterals as a class.

  18. Today i enjoyed maths because we got to make a little monster out of shapes and you could only use regular and irregular shapes. It was the best maths lesson ever from prep all the way to today

  19. Today we learnt about different kind of 2D triangles. What worked well in today’s maths session was how the teamwork between me and Sam I found it easy to finish my work on time too. It would be even better if the class was a little quieter when working on the shape activity.

    -Gabby 🙂

  20. I thought that today’s lesson was really fun because we learnt about scalene and all the other polygons. I loved learning about the quadrilateral shapes activity and the whole maths lesson!

  21. I really enjoy most of our maths lessons and think most others would agree with me :O. One thing i think we should improve on is getting settled and not talking during the explanation so that we can get on with our task earlier and so that we can play the fun math games set for us if we Finnish earlier :). Also i love the little test we did today it was kinda fun and not to hard but not to easy.


  22. Hello 5ST and teachers,

    In today’s maths lesson we learnt more about quadrilaterals and triangles I also learnt about what parallel lines look like.
    What worked well for me is how we have a fun activity to do but it also helped us expand our knowledge with different polygons, what they look like and what their names are.
    Even better if we can stay more focused on our work and that we can move to each classroom sensibly and quietly.

    -Isabella 🙂

  23. Hi everyone, Today I think that maths was really fun because we did triangle games that involved scalene, right angel and Isosceles Triangles. When we did our second block of Maths I thought it was really good because we got to make our own shape monsters and we got to print and colour them.

  24. When we did today’s activity and have to look at shapes and wright stuff about it what worked well was that how we just saw the stuff there and wrote about it easily even better if there was a bit more description about the shape on the website.

  25. I liked today maths activity because it was fun to work with a partner and i enjoyed doing shapes
    What Worked Well? was that everyone was cooperating with each other and that no one argued and they enjoyed doing shapes
    Even Better if?
    There was more shapes to do and to make it more challenging.

    I really like it worked well was we worked together even better if we worked a bit more quicker but love maths think it is amazing cant wait for so more lessons :):)

  27. Today was so fun!!! I learnt all about triangles I loved the scalene it was my absolute favorite. I also learnt what a rhombus and trapezium was. It was awesome!!!

  28. Dear Mrs Michalke Ireally liked this task but maybe we could have did a game at the end. The team work worked really well from Angela 5S

  29. Hello teachers!
    Today 5ST did a maths activity with triangles and quadrilaterals. The thing that worked well was that we got to work with partners and share our knowledge with them. It would be even better if there was a challenge task so if there are early finishers.

    Thank you Sydney 🙂

  30. Hi Mrs Michlakle, Mr Talarico and 5ST,

    In Numeracy I have enjoyed listening to the faceless video man as he provided us with a video about what we are learning. I also liked learning about Place Value, Rounding. I also like how we are working on shapes.


  31. Hi everyone!
    If everyone loves maths then I guess you did a great job Mrs Thompson! Maths is always different but fun all the same. I still learn lots of strategies by playing games or solving fun problems (or at least they’re fun to me).

    Francis 🙂
    P.S. Plus=+ Minus=- Multiply=* Division=/ Equals== on the calculator.

  32. I love all the different ways we get to learn in maths, it’s (I hate to admit this) really fun! I can’t believe that maths is fun, I have always hated maths.

    Cherry 🙂

  33. Hi Mrs M and Mrs T,
    You are the best teachers in the world!!!! you guys help me so much in my maths and I am learning so many new strategies
    love kiara xo

  34. Mrs M, tell me 100 words that doesn’t have a, b or c in them. Don’t cheat. Reply when you got the answer.

  35. I really enjoyed maths like how we had to do the perimeter and polygons. I really liked it. Ok bye 🙂

  36. Ok Joel lets see if we can get that happening next Term. That would be Mrs T and Mrs M replying to you.

  37. Hello teachers,
    I was thinking if we good do a live mathaletics game against 5T vs. 5S. I think we should do it. Please reply and that means you Mrs T and Mrs M. 🙂

  38. Hi Mrs Mickalke and Mrs Thompson I hope your have a good day. I would like to say I love our maths so far.
    PS your jokes are really funny.

  39. Hi Teachers,
    I have been enjoying maths a lot lately. I loved how we did the airplanes and measured how far they went.
    I like my class and I love my teachers.
    From Olivia

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