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  1. Hi Mrs Michalke,
    I love doing maths with you we do so much fun things and I really enjoy doing those activities.
    Kiara xx

  2. Expanded Notation- Today I enjoyed doing the expanded notation because we got to write it in our book.
    Fruit Splat-I enjoyed doing fruit splat because it was easy but it got hard to level 4.
    Book work-I enjoyed writing in my book because I haven’t wrote in it for a long time.
    Rock bag- Today I enjoyed doing the rock bag because we got to draw and colour on it.

  3. I think Expanded notation was a little bit hard because we had to write the numbers in letters and I got confused a little bit.
    fruit splat was really fun game it was hard on some levels but I got the hang of it.
    I think our book work was easy but I got a little confused.
    I think our counter bags will really help me during maths.

  4. In maths i did fruit splash it was really fun. Also I learnt from fruit splash that it helps you with your expanded notation. we also made counter bags to help us with maths. Also it helps us with learning about expanded notation.

  5. Today was a wonderful maths lesson. today I am very proud with my work today and my favourite bit of the day is when we played fruit splat and learning more about expanded notation.

  6. Fruit Splat was a fun game to play you have to click on fruit so example 5 tens and 9 ones so the answer is 59 so you click on the fruit that has 59. There are two modes Relaxed and Timed.

  7. To Mrs M
    Today in maths I had lots of fun doing expanded notation. It is my favourite thing to do in maths along with place value. I really liked the game Fruit Splat. It was really fun but I tried level 6 but it was really hard for me to understand. We also got to design and do some art with our new maths bags we are making with some black rocks in there. We did work in our book and I got them all right. I really enjoyed todays maths lesson with Mrs Michalke. Her maths group is so much fun and I get to understand maths a lot more with her. Today I also learnt how to do expanded notation. Thank you for today Mrs Michalke!\

  8. I think the game was really help me and it mite help you the game is called fruit splat and when you get higher it gets really head. We where doing Expanded notation and when you do fruit splat it helps a lot. We also got to count small rocks.

  9. In maths we did a maths game that was called fruit splash and it was about expanded notation and we made our counters bag also did some work in our book witch was expanded notation.

  10. I found that fruit splash easy really easy I got very bored of it cause it was so easy but I in joined it at the start. I want to play more games like this it is fun.

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