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Birth of Jesus

ADVENT (Jesse Tree)

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Each student needs to make their own copy and then share it with their partner so they can collaborate.



Watch the Video “The Holy Spirit Comes” (below)

  • Create a heading “Pentecost” in your Religion Books

  • While watching the video create a word splash noting key words relating to Pentecost.  

Task 2

Follow the instructions to make an Origami Peace Dove

  • Please use white paper as we will be turning this into a class display. 


Student’s representations of the ‘Last Supper’

On Thursday, 3rd March, 5ST students will be attending Mass at 9:15.  Directly after we will be attending Reconciliation.  For further information please read the structure of Reconciliation below.

Structure of Reconciliation: 

  1. Introduce yourself to Father by name
  2. Say “Bless me Father, it has been 3 months since my last Confession”
  3. Make the Sign of the Cross with Father
  4. Share 3 ‘sins’(the things for which I want to tell God I am sorry)
  5. When finished say “ For these sins I am sorry”
  6. Say Act of Contrition prayer :

Act of Contrition

“O my God, I am very sorry that I have sinned
against you, because you are so good and
with your help I will try not sin again.”

  1. Father will give a penance (a prayer or act to help you become closer to God)
  2. Father will say prayer of absolution
  3. Make the Sign of the Cross with Father

10.    Return to seat and silently complete your penance.

TERM 1, 2016

A Time of God’s Generosity – Lent

Faith concepts

Seasons, Generosity, Beliefs, Values, Rituals, Practices, Justice.

Seeking understanding

What does it mean to be generous?

How can I live generously during Lent?

What influences my beliefs and values about being generous?


Throughout his ministry the gospels tell us that Jesus Christ lived a generous life.

During Lent and Holy Week Christians participate in practices that live out and celebrate God’s generosity.

Being generous contributes to the building of fair and just relationships.

People’s beliefs and values influence how they practise generosity.

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  1. Hi Mrs Michompson,
    I agree with Cherry. My family were tired though. They were a bit grumpy. I like the new homework because I’m pretty tired of writing so many reflections.
    p.s. There is a mistake in step 2 where it says ‘What traditions and beliefs did you family bring with them.’ It is supposed to be your.

  2. Dear Mrs. M and Mrs. T,
    I love the change in homework, it is a creative way to learn, much better than reflecting each night! I really like the homework task itself, I love listening to my parent’s stories about migration!

  3. Wow the video was great. The black back round brings out the drawing in white. I hope we can watch the video again for prayer cause it’s lent. Really loved the clip and how we had to do the line drawing. See you in class Mrs M and Mrs T.

  4. hello, your blog is AWESOME and the stuff on it to I hope I have a fun year in year 5 and hope you have fun with the class!

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