All weekly home learning is to be submitted via google classroom before 8:00pm Sunday evening.


20 minutes reading per night, following your reading you must fill in your reading ‘Term 2 e-journal’  on Google Slides (in your home learning folder)  .  You must make  an insightful comment about what you have read each evening including pages read and how long you read for. Avoid re-telling the story in your reflection. You can provide a brief summary of what you read, however consider including your thoughts/feelings about the book/text/plot/characters; how the text might relate you you; the world; another text you’ve read. Perhaps make a prediction or some other insightful comment from what you read.

If you are reading late at night in bed you could write your reflections on a post it note and transfer them to your E-Journal the following day.

Your teachers are able to log into your online reading journal on Google Drive at any time and should be able to see daily updates.  

Your online e-reading journal should be turned in weekly on Google Classroom.

After 5 nights reading you are required to ask your parents to leave a comment regarding your weeks reading.  This needs to be completed at the bottom of each of your weekly slides and is a homework requirement.  


Eachs week you will be set 3 new tasks. You are also asked to spend some time gaining a minimum of 500 points on Live Mathletics as part of your maths homework task.  

When you have completed your Live Mathletics  take a screenshot and paste it into your weekly  ‘Home Learning Journal’. You are also to compllete a reflection which is to be turned in on Google Classroom.

You are also required to keep up to date with learning times tables. We have done a huge amount of learning during semester 1 with timestables – and it is your responsibility to keep practicing at home.  Below are some websites you can use to practice your tables.  Remember any times tables work you do needs to be added to your learning journal slide.



Any homework task that is not complete will have to be completed during your lunch time.

Additional tasks – Usually for your Australian History timeline.

Check google classroom for any additional tasks that need to be completed for home learning.

 If you have any problems with any part of your homework please email one of us well before the due date.  We are happy to help.

Mrs Michalke   cmichalke@sfmillpark.catholic.edu.au

Mr Talarico      atalarico@sfmillpark.catholic.edu.au

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  1. Hi Mrs Michalke,

    You are sooo lucky going on a cruise and then meeting Hamish and Andy.


  2. What Happened the fonts have been changed and everything has changed but in a good way. 🙂

  3. I have done all of the homework just need to fill out reading for 4 more nights WOOHOO. 🙂

  4. I think the spelling homework is the best and that it will help me to spell and I can get better at my spelling

  5. I think that the spelling activity homework is the best and that it would help me to spell and I can get better at it. 🙂

  6. Dear Mrs Michalke and Mr Talarico,

    Could we do more activity’s for homework like the religion task?


  7. I love to do the black out poem and I love doing my Mathletics points. I also love the activity of Social justice because it can help me understand what is happening in the WORLD! 🙂

  8. ‘Hello,
    It’s me, I’ve been wondering if after’…
    we finish a task in the class we could go into the studio and do some homework, Like a homework club?

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